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Not Genuine

Today I found some money on the ground.

My excitement was temporary, however.

Just an instant after I picked it up I knew that it was not genuine currency.

Interestingly, it's not because I'm trained on how to recognize "fake" coins, but rather because I am very familiar with genuine legal tender.

It's a lesson for all: know what the real stuff looks like, and you won't be fooled by the fake.

Although it's probably obvious (I'm sure you would have recognized that this money was bogus just as quickly as I did) I will detail the reasons why it was evident that the cash was not produced by the United States mint.

Please examine the photograph below and then note what I saw (and what you should look for yourself if ever in a similar situation).


1. The word COPY appears on the fake one. This word does not appear on a genuine ten-cent coin.

2. The color of the coin is decidedly dull, with no "shine".

3. The fake coin feels "lighter" and feels as if it's made of plastic (see also #2 above).

4. The head of J. Edgar Hoover is too small on the fake coin.


Maybe it's time you examined the coins in your pocket or purse?

Oh and, perhaps it would be wise to share these points with your loved ones.
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Cowboy from South Texas

This evening I heard a song that I will never forget.

Just another country song, or folk song, but it had lyrics that included the song of a coyote.

Hard to 'splain, so I'm looking for a youtube video or something.

Might have been called "Cowboy from South Texas"

unexpected rain -- a San Diego monsoon

So yesterday Wendy and I washed her black Honda.

Then today I got home earlier and washed my truck.

Since my truck was blocking the tiny garage Wendy parked it elsewhere.

I dried the truck and then went inside.

Lingering, I finally decided to move my truck and put her car in the garage.

Too late. The thunderhead had already started dropping its dusty rain, all over her shiny black car.

I drove it to shelter but it was all spotted with water.

My truck too is all rained on.

I am a 2TL... two-time loser.

ha ha!

They say that's how the native Americans used to call upon the rain when they needed it. They'd go wash their horses and polish the saddles. Sure enough, it would immediately rain right after that.