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Zero Tolerance This Weekend for Distracted Driving

They let me off early for good behavior today.

There was an unusual sight pretty deep into the parking area for our business campus: a CHP motorcycle officer was standing next to a car, his motorcycle on its kickstand nearby.

What the...???

Then when I saw two other police cars parked outside Costco, although it’s probably not related, it did remind me of something I’d heard on KNX 1070 AM radio this morning:

The CHP is doing a zero-tolerance crackdown on distracted driving this weekend!

My first thought when I heard that was wondering whether to warn my co-workers or not.

Then I thought “no” I won’t warn anyone.


Because distracted driving is extremely dangerous. Those mentally agonizing months we spent after Wendy’s Honda James was rear-ended all started with some joker rear-ending us on the freeway. Likely texting, though I have no proof.

If I warn people who are offenders, and they’re careful for this one weekend, what good does that do for either them or me?
So no warnings.

Except for you, if you’re reading this!
Theme Building

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So you're standing in a public park, casually tossing a stone up and down in your hand.

You're gazing across a grassy field at a squirrel sitting near the base of a tree. He's holding an acorn in his two hands, gnawing contentedly at his delicious piece of lunch.

Thinking of throwing the rock at the squirrel?

Well, consider this: Inside the furry chest of that small bushy-tailed creature is a little beating heart. And that heart has feelings.

Put. the rock. down.
Theme Building

Using any excuse to try to be bold...

Informal witnessing is pretty tough for me...  and I reckon most people, I think.

When I first saw the trailer for Amanda Seyfried/Justin Timberlake's movie In Time I thought it was so cool:

"This is my daughter, my wife, and my mother-in-law"... and all three women looked 25 years old.

At the time I thought it could be used to witness...

Then last night saw the movie, and seeing that it was a typical worldly movie (PG-13) and a B-movie at that, I thought "maybe not".

Today, though, a co-worker passed by and I said in our brief "how's it going conversation":

"Hey, you know that Justin Timberlake movie, In Time?"

"Yeah, I heard about that!"

"We saw it last night...  pretty cool concept... no one ages past 25.  The dialogue was a bit juvenile.  But the concept reminded me of the Bible... since it says death will be no more, and people will live forever on the earth...  that's probably what it will be like!"

So the conversation went on in a friendly manner for another 25 seconds or so and we parted ways.

I was kind out of breath at the effort... but hey, at least I tried to say something!