February 1st, 2011

The Question

Visitors Tomorrow -- Gonna Look My Best

Last week during a company meeting they mentioned that on February 2nd and 3rd we're going to have potential clients touring the facilities.

Normally we're allowed to wear jeans and sneakers, but for those two days, they want us to dress up.

Then yesterday we got the official memo/reminder: business casual on Wed and Thu. No jeans or sneakers!

Obviously they want us to look our best, to impress the visitors.

I plan on breaking out the outfit I wore to my 1974 High School prom.

It's a white suit, with matching shiny white leather shoes, a white velour cape with a red satin lining, and a white fur tophat.

Oh and I may or may not bring my 5-foot, white polished wood, with faux diamond encrusted crown, walking staff.

That might be a bit much.