steveterry (steveterry) wrote,

Zero Tolerance This Weekend for Distracted Driving

They let me off early for good behavior today.

There was an unusual sight pretty deep into the parking area for our business campus: a CHP motorcycle officer was standing next to a car, his motorcycle on its kickstand nearby.

What the...???

Then when I saw two other police cars parked outside Costco, although it’s probably not related, it did remind me of something I’d heard on KNX 1070 AM radio this morning:

The CHP is doing a zero-tolerance crackdown on distracted driving this weekend!

My first thought when I heard that was wondering whether to warn my co-workers or not.

Then I thought “no” I won’t warn anyone.


Because distracted driving is extremely dangerous. Those mentally agonizing months we spent after Wendy’s Honda James was rear-ended all started with some joker rear-ending us on the freeway. Likely texting, though I have no proof.

If I warn people who are offenders, and they’re careful for this one weekend, what good does that do for either them or me?
So no warnings.

Except for you, if you’re reading this!
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